Join Us Each Sunday for Worship and Fellowship Online and by Phone

Grace and Peace to you,

As we are currently in a season of not be able to meet in person, we will be continuing our worship and fellowship online until we can meet again. We are aware that this format will not work for everyone, but we don’t want that to prevent us from having the interaction that is possible. Especially as I (Pastor Kathleen) am new to the congregation, I want to have the opportunity to get to know each of you as much as I can.

We will be meeting each Sunday at 10 am via Zoom. Click here to download your Order of Worship for the service.

Here are the different ways to join us:

  • Via video chat on computers, tablets, or smart phones:
    • Using the Zoom program:
      • Click here to download the Zoom program. Then, on Sunday at 10 am, or a little before, click here to join the Zoom Meeting.
      • Click here to download the Zoom program on your computer or smart phone. Then, on Sunday at 10 am, or a little before, open the Zoom program enter the Meeting ID: 942 617 477 and when prompted, the password: 3410.
    • Using your web browser (does not require signing up for an account):
      • On your web browser go to: (or click on the link)
      • There will be a white box in the middle of the screen and at the bottom of that box, it will say in a smaller font “If you cannot download or run the application, start from your browser.”
      • The words “start from your browser” will be blue and when you click on them you will be in the Zoom meeting.
      • Click on the blue box that says “Join Audio By Computer.” Your browser may ask if you want to give Zoom permission to use your microphone, click yes.
      • At the bottom of the screen, there are controls to turn your microphone on and off and to turn your video on and off.
        Click on the “start video” button at the bottom left of the screen. Your browser may ask if you want to give Zoom permission to use your camera, click yes.
      • You are now connected to the meeting.
      • If you would like to access the chat and be able to communicate with the group via typed messages, you can get to that by clicking on “Chat” on the bottom right.
  • Via phone call on landline or mobile phones:
    • Pull up this site on your mobile phone and click on the following text to both make the call and have it automatically enter in the meeting ID +13126266799,,942617477# . A password is not needed for this method.
    • Dial 312-626-6799 and when prompted enter the meeting ID: 942 617 477. If asked for a participant id, just press #.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, Pastor Kathleen at if you have trouble with any of this.

Published by Rev. Kathleen Henrion

PCUSA minister currently at large in the Presbytery of Giddings Lovejoy.

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